Your industry and how that shapes your professional life AND personal life

One of the biggest learnings in my work life has been that experience is the factor with which your growth multiplies.

Now, a number of years of experience is something that every person acquires with time. So that is not something which you can work acquire more of with strategic clarity, However, by choosing the right sector, you can exponentially amplify your growth professionally and personally. Professionally, by choosing the sector where you are bringing maximum value, personally, where your personal life goals such as location, family, lifestyle, etc. are influenced.

From my personal experience - I was in the Solar EPC space, which by itself is a booming space and quite an attractive sector even for the future, with the advent of new tech such as battery storage, complex energy management tech integrations etc.

However, I realized that I bring very valuable international experience and leadership qualities, and the desire to grow in an international context. The Solar EPC sector is very local to the geographic location and hence limited my growth in the future to the German context - something which was okay for the short and medium term. Long-term, however, I wished to be geographically more flexible and take myself where the growth journey takes me. For this reason, I felt that the most universal and international industry today is tech. Also the best-paying industry and the most dynamic one. For that reason, I decided to slowly move towards tech. And me coming from a regional solar EPC to move into software was a difficult move. Hence, my search for new jobs was limited to Energy SaaS companies in a SaaS BD/Sales role. Through strong interview prep and luck, I did manage to break into the SaaS sector and it was the right decision, I must say.

Choosing the first job was a matter of opportunity because I had to take what I got. But with strategy, you can align your career moves with your long-term personal goals! For this, you need some thinking as to what you really want from your life - and where can you get it. And accordingly, I need to slowly start moving in that direction.

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