TU9 Universities in Germany

Updated: Oct 1

Germany is known for its top class education. TU9 is an alliance of such leading universities of technology. These universities excel in pioneering creative research, promote German Engineering worldwide. Created in 2003, these alliance fosters long-lasting networking with top class industry experts.

In a nutshell TU 9 are top nine ranked universities that facilities collaborations and stages research opportunities for its students across the globe.

So, let us find which are these universities along with the details an interested student must know.

1.RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen or Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen is known for its high quality research environment, industrial collaborations. The university offers more than 140 courses in Engineering, Communications, Robotics System Engineering etc.

2.Technical University of Berlin

Place of study of some of the renowned scientists like Carl Bosch and more, Technical University of Berlin is another famous TU9 university. Architecture typology, Health System Research and Management , Geoinformation Science are some the courses offered by the university.

3.Technical University Braunschweig

A traditional university in north of Germany offers courses in Sustainable Engineering, Data Science, ProWater- Sustainable management and Protection of Water. The University Bachelors, Masters and also Doctorate level degree in various disciplines.

4.Technical University Darmstadt

Being a part of TU9 definitely adds value to a university globally. However, Technical University Darmstadt is known for its modernity and need of the hour education. Students who are interested in AI domain, Aerospace domain must apply here.

5.Technical University Dresden

Known for its interdisciplinary approach towards research and teaching, students here can pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate level courses. Top courses offered are Distributed System Engineering, Nanoelectronics System, Civil Engineering etc.

6.Technical University Munich

Popularly known as the Entrepreneurial university of Germany, constitutes about 30% of international student. The university fosters more than 200 degree courses in AI Studies, Environmental Engineering, Thermodynamics, Radiology, Data Engineering & Analytics.

7.Leibniz University Hannover

Leibniz University Hannover opts a responsible approach towards their teaching by building a model education promoting sustainability. This sums up the success story of Leibniz over the years. Top offered courses are in Data Science, Sustainable Engineering of Products & Processes, Architecture and Renewable Energy.

8.University of Stuttgart

University of Stuttgart like other TU9 universities work towards in building a sustainable future. Studying here means various industrial collaborations, learnings and finding solution to a sustainable lifestyle using technical approach.

The university offers courses in the field of Software Engineering, Mechatronics, MBA.

9.Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

If you're someone aspiring to bring life to your ideas, this is the university you should be admitted to. KIT is one the best industry oriented universities. Their research based study program help one to innovate and bridge the gap between scientific findings and its applications with practical knowledge.

The above listed TU9 Universities offers English-taught courses. They foster value and lead you to a future one aspire to have.

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