Top Unis for Mechanical Engineering

If mechanical engineering has a home, it has to be Germany!

Germany is often considered as the birthplace of 'research universities', Engineering and Technology in general is highly valued by the Germans.

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and use of machines. A master's in Mechanical Engineering prepares you for a range of specialized engineering careers within aerospace, automation

MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany is a two-year degree offered to bachelor graduates of mechanical engineering or related fields.

The whole country has plenty of places and offers more than hundreds of bachelors and masters degree in mechanical engineering.

The average course fee or semester fee of master’s in mechanical engineering in Germany is between 200 to 400 Euros (17,300-34,600 INR).The public universities in Germany take zero tuition fee from prospective international students.

Below are the some of the top ranking universities for mechanical engineering in Germany.

Top universities

World Ranking

Courses offered

Semester Cost (in Euros)

RWTH Aachen University


MS Mechanical Engineering


Technical University of Munich


Master in Mechanical Engineering


University of Stuttgart


MS Mechanical Engineering


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


MS Mechanical Engineering


University of Duisburg, Essen


MSc Mechanical Engineering


Technical University Darmstadt


MS Mechanical and Process Engineering


Leibniz University of Hanover


MS Mechanical Engineering


Ruhr University Bochum


MS Mechanical Engineering


TU Dortmund


MS Mechanical Engineering


Why study MS Mechanical in Germany?

Germany is globally recognized as one of the best locations in terms of quality of education infrastructure.

  • The revenue of mechanical industry increased 247 billion EUR in 2013 to 271 billion EUR in 2020.

  • Out of the 426 universities, about 300 universities do not require tuition fees.

  • Germany is home to five out of 100 top universities.

  • The salary with a master's degree in mechanical engineering is at least ten times higher in Germany compared to India.

  • It is regarded as the third-best country to live in in the world, after Switzerland and Australia. The multicultural environment is very much suitable for Indian students.

Scope of Mechanical in Germany

Mechanical and plant engineering is one of the most critical sectors in the German economy.

A mechanical engineer with more than two years of experience earns on average 61,620 Euro gross per year, which is significantly above the industry average of 59,800 EUR. The average salary for a fresher is 42,000–44,000 Euro per annum and even more for an experienced person.

Hence, Germany makes an ideal choice for mechanical engineers!

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