Top 10 Public Universities in Germany

Updated: Oct 1

One of the most frequently asked questions is what are the best public universities in Germany? While there are so many factors that determine if a Uni is good enough to make the cut, we have summarized some of the best Unis from our perspective and also mentioned the disciplines which these Unis specialize in.

That being said, there are Unis which do not feature in this list, which are very good for specific disciplines too, so we recommend that this list be taken as an indicative list and not as an absolute list!

1.Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is amongst the best universities in Europe. The university is known for its courses in Engineering, Life Science, Architecture, Computer Science. Research is the main focus of the university.


2. Ludwig Maximilian University

The 'Elite University' consist of faculties like: Faculty of language, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of law, Faculty of Business Administration.

The university has also options for Research, Social sciences, Economics and Educational sciences.


3.Technical University of Berlin

Often referred to as one of the most prestigious universities in Germany and one of the most distinguished universities in Europe, TU Berlin is popular for its programming courses in Computer science, courses in Economics, Mathematics, Human Science, Process Science, Management and Mechanical engineering.


4.Humboldt University of Berlin

Primarily renowned for its faculties in law, medicine, theology and philosophy.

The Humboldt University of Berlin offers a wide range of degree courses in various fields of education like Economics, Sports, Horticulture, Psychology, Agriculture, Biology.


5.RWTH Aachen University

The University offers a number of courses mainly categorized into 9 faculties: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Art and Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Georesources.


6.Heidelberg University

Heidelberg is Germany's oldest university. The university offers courses in Behavioral and Cultural Studies, Modern languages, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Theology, Biosciences, Math and Computer, Social science and Economics.


7.University of Bonn

The university holds a good reputation amongst Germany's top institutes. The University of Bonn offers specialization in Natural science, Mathematics ,Arts, Medicine, Asian Oriental Studies and Law &Economics.


8.University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart is known for its integrated research programs. It is one of the leading research oriented university with a global reputation in pioneering modules like Natural Sciences, Business Studies, Humanities and Technical Education.


9. University of Cologne

One of the largest universities in Germany, divided in 6 faculties in different fields of studies.

These include: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Management Faculty of Medicines, Faculty of Economics and Social Science and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science.


10. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KIT is a renowned research-oriented university. The university offers courses in domains like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Financial Engineering and Computer Science.


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