Top 9 Mechanical Engineering companies in Germany

Home to leading automobile companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Germany has lot to offer for mechanical engineers. The country is always welcoming mechanical engineers from different parts of the world. The automobile industry in Germany is one of the most recognized, innovative and competitive industries in the world. The average salary of a mechanical engineer ranges from €38,000 to €70,000.

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Here is a list of companies in Germany one can look forward to work with:

1.BWM : The premium motorcycles and automobile group has presence over more than 15 countries and a net income of approx. 8.706 billion euro. It is the world’s twelfth largest producer of a motor vehicle. Job roles can include Project engineer, development engineer etc.

2.AUDI : Audi is a part of Volkswagen group, they design, build , innovate luxury vehicles. They have a net income of approx. 4.297 billion euro and more than 100 markets with over 90,000 employees worldwide. Calculation Engineer, Test Manager can be some the job roles for mechanical engineers here.

3.Daimler: One of the biggest manufactures of premium cars like Mercedes- Benz. They ensure that the future generation will also be benefited with the technology introduced by them. The company has global presence over 6 different global regions with more than 200,000 employees. Senior Energy Consumption Testing Engineer; Mechatronics Manufacturing Engineer; can be some of the roles a mechanical degree holder can take up.

4.BOMAG: Bopparder Maschinenbau-Gesellsschaft mbH or Bomag was founded in 1957, now has 2,500 employees. Bomag is a market leader in manufacturing soil, asphalt refuse compaction equipment. They have 500 dealers in more than 120 countries.

5.Siemens: Industrial company known for its power generation, automation and railway vehicle. It works to provide an easier life to the customer by making clinical instruments and thus making it to be in the top mechanical companies in Germany.

6.Continental: Automobile manufacturing company which is specialized in making tyres, brakes, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis was founded in 1871.Job roles for mechanical engineering professionals include Technical Project Manager , Process Engineer and Test Engineer for Assembly & Industrialization of Battery Products.

7. Volkswagen: Volkswagen is German automobile manufacturer founded on 28 May 1937 and composed of 12 brands: Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, MAN, Porsche, Scania, SEAT, ŠKODA, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. They have their headquarters at Wolfsburg and the group is considered to be one of the largest employers in the world.

8.Bosch: largest suppliers of automotive components across the world makes it is one of the leading MNC's with good quality products and thus winning the heart of their customers.

9.Schaeffler: established in 1946, now grown to be a leading provider of international automotive and industrial sector. The group provides high-precision components, systems, and bearing solutions. Mechanical engineers who wish to be a part of the company can apply for roles in Expert Cost Value Engineering; Technical Project Manager , Engineer Development of electrics/electronics etc.

Tips to Boost Your Chances:

  • Do an Internship during Masters

  • Get Experience from Part-Time Job

  • Learn the German Language

There are a plethora of job opportunities for MEs in every specialization.

Hopefully, the blog was helpful for you. If you’ve got any queries in different aspects related to Mechanical Engineering in Germany, then book your free 1:1 session

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