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While moving abroad for education, one of the biggest burning questions in everyone’s mind is how they can find a job after or even during their studies. Not only is it financially viable to have a job during your studies but working in your field part-time also builds up crucial skills and capabilities that help in finding a full-time role later on. In a country like Germany, which is fast growing and has recently bit the bullet of globalization, jobs for foreign nationals are available across industries. It is now up to us to leverage these available jobs in the best possible way. Here we discuss a few crucial pointers that can help you crack your dream job in Germany:

The Perfect CV:

Your recruiter is going through hundreds of documents a day, what makes yours stand out? Keep the CV clean, to the point and as short as possible. Stick to the most relevant roles and certifications that help build your case for the company. Display your competencies by adding technical know-how pertinent to your role but also soft skills and achievements that let the company know you are a team player.


Go to career fairs, networking events, startup labs, exhibitions and basically everywhere! Introduce yourself to every single person you meet. Collect visiting cards and send cold emails! You never know what fits. Forming connections and a network is the most useful thing for getting ahead in your career, especially in another country.

Be Mindful of The Industry

Don’t be scared of change. With rigidity, we may miss out on many great roles and opportunities. Be ready to learn new skills that are in demand and apply them to roles that may be outside of your expertise. Companies are looking for people who are smart and do not mind training the team. You need to have the willingness to learn.

Learn The Language

No need to be scared. You do not need to have native fluency in order to crack a job offer in Germany. Even a basic understanding of the language and the ability to communicate in daily vernacular is also a great way to settle into work life and make connections.

Don’t be afraid to send your CV and introductions to recruiters. Do so with confidence and swiftness. For more tips, contact us at Germanportals. Have a CV and need a second opinion? Write to us at

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