Student Dormitories in Germany

Updated: Jun 9

A large selection of students in germany resides in the Student dormitories. Here you can find some information about your suitable option.

Once you receive your university acceptance letter, finding student housing in Germany is just one of the things you should go through. As soon as your place on your course has been confirmed, you should start looking for accommodation. Here we are talking about the Student Dormitories' most common and budget-friendly accommodation in Germany.

There are different types of dorms in Germany, meaning different kinds of accommodation:

  1. A WG (essentially an apartment) where 2–4 people each have their own rooms and share a kitchen and bathroom.

  2. A dorm in which you have a room, and you share bathrooms and a kitchen/common area with the rest of the people on your floor. You get to meet many more people this way, but sharing a bathroom can be an issue for some.

  3. A dorm in which you have a room with your own bathroom, and share a kitchen/common area with the rest of the floor. In my opinion, a slightly better option than the one above.

  4. A dorm in which you have your own room with your own bathroom and a small kitchen (a studio-type arrangement). Not so much opportunity to mingle in the kitchen or common area, but you have complete privacy.

A few more points worth sharing:

  • Room sizes range from 9 o 18 square meters.

  • Normally, student dormitories are fully furnished (bed, desk, chair, wardrobe). But you should always make sure and ask the coordinator about it.

  • Many of the dorms have special areas to organize parties that are usually a great place to meet new people.

  • Washing machines are in there and used by everyone in the building (normally, you have to pay for each laundry, approximately 3-4 euros).

  • When you move out, you need to leave the room in the same state you got it, otherwise, they won’t return your security deposit. So firstly, when moving in, check if there are any defects, and if there are, report them immediately! Secondly, if you decided to brighten up your room by changing the color of the walls, you need to paint them white again before moving out.

  • A lot of dorms have some sort of sports area, like a gym, a pool/ping pong table, etc. that the dorm residents can use for free.

  • Kitchen utensils are not always provided.

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