Steps to write better SOPs

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an essay of 500- 1000 words that adds to a significant component of each applicant’s full admission profile. It should reflect your personality; creating a bridge between your past experiences and future goals.

The SOP shows your personality and helps you to get enrolled in universities abroad.

Components of a Good SOP:

  • Personal Background

  • Academic Qualifications and Interest

  • Career Aspirations

  • Professional Experience

  • Extracurricular Participation and Achievements

  • Reason for Choice of Program, Country etc.

Now, you know what to incorporate in our SOP, but adding every detail and still maintaining the format can be a hard task.

So, lets break it into few steps, answering each questions.

Purpose of Study:

What are your expectations from the course? After you finalize a certain program, for instance, MS from Germany, you expect to gain some knowledge and skills. Highlight your interest in the program.

What are your intentions post completion of this course? Some students want to start working as soon as they complete their courses, whereas, some decide to pursue research. Having clarity of how you want to proceed professionally is always good and is something that the selection committee is very much keen in.

Choice of Program:

Why do you want to study in this country? It is significant for students to offer reasons for their choice of country. For instance, if one choose to pursue an MBA from Germany, give genuine reasons for choosing Germany over USA or Australia.

Why did you choose this particular university and course? Be specific and have relevant information to show that you have done your research about that college and course and are interested in going there. Do not try to fake it or flatter. The admission committee can see through this!

Past Experience:

What kind of past experience do you possess? Mostly students pursuing professional degrees abroad have some kind of prior experience. Share your work experience(s) as vividly as possible along with the skills you have gained in that duration. Emphasize your professional experience is significant for a master's essay.

In case you don’t have any professional or volunteering experiences to share, then, emphasize on any other academic achievement such as presentation work, group project work, etc.


What is it about you that makes you unique? It is important for you to emphasize your personality traits and individuality. Talk about your qualities which separate you from the crowd. Refrain from using common adjectives like dedicated, interested, etc.

How do you think you’ll fit in your chosen institution? Your suitability is not just limited to the achievements, Whether or not you have the potential also plays an important role.

Dont's of SOP:

  • Writing an SOP just before the submission

  • Copying and pasting from the Internet

  • Usage of Slangs/Informal Language and Repetition of Phrases

  • Exceeding the word count

  • Offering false information

Every course has its own set of requirements that candidates must fulfill. These requirements vary depending upon the choice of academic stream, course and curriculum, and level of study.

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