Public vs Private Universities in Germany

Updated: Oct 1

How much of a difference does it make really?

Making the right selection of college is a perplexing decision for all. Field of study scholarships, vocational goals all these criteria must meet.

The debate of public vs private universities is quite prevalent and is gaining more importance with new institutions coming up.

This blog is an attempt to consolidate all the differences between public vs private universities to make your understanding clear of the two distinct types of educational institutions.

The differences are as below:

Public Uni

Private Uni

Tution fees/semester

0-500 € depending on Uni

(Except in Baden Württemberg, 1500 €)

3000-8000€ depending on Uni

Language of instruction



Admission marks

At least 70%+

(or 65% with work ex of 3+ years)


(or 55% with work ex)

IELTS requirement

Many (almost 75% courses)

Sometimes (20% courses)

Work experience

Not essential but good to have

Not essential but good to have

German language

Required for 5-10% courses

Not essential but good to have for job readiness

Not essential but good to have for job readiness


Does not depend on Uni

Depends on the skills of student

Does not depend on Uni

Depends on the skills of student

Career & job search support

Limited support

Dedicated team for careers support for students

Return on investment (in how much time will you make back the money invested)

5 months

7-12 months

If you want to talk about German universities, admission procedures and application deadlines, book a 1:1 session with us:

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