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Updated: Jan 4

by Raghav Karnani

The strength of Germanportals lies in our Mentor Team, which comprises of successful professionals from across the spectrum.

In order to achieve our final vision of creating a collaborative and supportive expat ecosystem, we have come up with this unique model, where every applicant not only gets a dedicated admissions counsellor from our core team, but also a dedicated Mentor, who will guide the student with their vast experiences and learnings and help applicants work smartly and effectively from the very first day itself.

Our Mentor will have scheduled interactions with the applicant at key junction points of their journey, before, during and after their move to Germany, to enable key decisions and provide valuable insights.

For example - between three acceptance letters, which one should be selected and for what reasons.

For example - how can a job-seeker better highlight their CVs for the company of their dreams.

Such questions can only be answered by those who have domain expertise and are actively employed within the targeted industry sectors. Our aim is to enable a channel of communication between aspirants and such experienced professions, something we achieve with our Mentor Team.

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