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Updated: Jul 28

MBA in Germany

Germany is known as the powerhouse of Europe driving the economy of the entire European Union. Every year, Germany requires more than 400.000 people to fill up the work force of its ever-increasing industry, startups and services. The ease of visa procedure, lower cost of studies which is quarter the cost of MBA in USA, UK or Canada, better standard of living, exceptional salary offers and superior work-life balance, makes MBA in Germany as one of the best destinations in the world for your career progression in Management. Do you want to transform your career with a better pay without losing the peace of mind and not slogging for 60 hours/week? Then Germany is the right place for your next career step.

As Angela Merkel said,

“Germany has become a country that many people abroad associate with HOPE!”

Does this spike your interest? Then continue reading.

Germany is the hub of economic progress in all over Europe and a Masters degree from here automatically opens the door for the industries of all the 28 European Union nations where German degree is regarded as a symbol of excellence. Now in Germany there are two kinds of Masters who are looking for a career progression in Management:

  • MBA (usually for people with 3-4 years of work experience)

  • Masters in Management (for people with no work experience)

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

This course will kickstart your career and place you directly in a Managerial or Associate Managerial position upon completion. There are several public and private universities which offers this course. It is although possible to pursue Master of Business Administration in Germany without work experience contradictory to USA, UK or Canada where prior work experience is a prerequisite for an MBA degree. However, since there is no single body to put up a standard application procedure, the pre-requisites for every university vary from one another. But in general, the standard pre-requisites for pursuing a German MBA are:

  • A bachelor’s degree is at par with a German Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects, it could be a 4-year degree or a 3-year degree with a 1-year master’s degree. For more information about the equivalency of your degree, you may visit the Anabin database to check the equivalency. Few universities also provide admission to students with a 3-year bachelor’s degree to study MBA in Germany for Indian Students. For more information about checking the validity of your degree and its equivalency with the German degree you may visit the government website of anabin database. Kindly use google chrome for automatic translation as the website is in German.

  • Valid GMAT/GRE score and language proficiency through IELTS/TOEFL. Each university accepts the score of the different exams. Since most German universities only require a valid TOEFL score, it is possible but not recommended to apply for an MBA without GMAT.

  • A1/A2 level of the German language. Maximum MBA programs are taught in English in the universities, however, some of them desire a certain proficiency in the German language.

  • An above-average academic record in the previous degrees is recommended for Indian students which can be comparable to a minimum of 70% aggregate ECTS.

  • Some universities also conduct an entrance exam for scrutinizing the applicants’ aptitude to pursue an MBA program.

Among them, the top recommended MBA from public universities in Germany for international students with no/fewer tuition fees are:

Apart from these universities, there are some more universities that allow MBA without any work experience. These public universities also have Masters in Management courses where there is no requirement of work experience. Some of these public universities are:

There are also some renowned private universities, which provide excellent education and are at par with the public universities. Some of them are:

The German universities offer MBAs in General management as well as there are some MBAs that cater to specialization in a particular field like MBA in Engineering Management, MBA in Global business and IT, MBA in Innovation and Business Creation, and MBA in supply chain management etc.

Next comes the Masters in Management courses where no work experience is generally required and a candidate can apply to these programs directly after completing their Bachelors’ Degree. We have discussed in detail about the Masters in Management courses in this blog (kindly put the link to the website of the blog titled Masters in Management in Germany)

If this has sparked your interest and you are looking for a career progression in the 4th largest economy of the world, then Germany is waiting for you. The application procedure is a bit difficult but with the right guidance, you can have a smooth career transition to Germany. If you are looking for excellent guidance from mentors and students who have gone through the path and bit can help you with all the search, application and other guidance, then contact Germanportals and book a call with one of our experts. (Kindly put our link to book a call with Sridhar or Raghav for the same) There is a German proverb that says

“There is no use of running fast when you are in the wrong road”

So, choose wisely your guide in this career transformation for a smooth and balanced career and life in Germany!

Are you looking to study in Germany? and Confused about the process of starting your Higher studies in Germany? Book a 1:1 session with our counsellors and Click below to join our community group and reap the benefits of our services.

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