German Startup Awards 2022 Winning Companies and Personalities

Updated: Oct 1

Looking for an opportunity or career switch option or want to make career at abroad but not sure where and how to start? Germany is one of the growing countries which is inspiring people for grow and establish their career in Germany. Here is some information you need to know about German Startup awards 2022 Winners.

1.Newcomer of the Year: Johanna Baare, (traceless materials )

Traceless materials is a circular bioeconomy start-up offering a holistically sustainable alternative to plastics and bioplastics.

2.Newly named Newcomer of the Year: Milan von dem Bussche, (QiTech)

QiTech is a Plastics Manufacturing company based in Germany.

3.Stunning Founder of the Year: Nora Blum, (Selfapy )

Selfapy is wellness and fitness service industry. It is the first digital self-help solution on prescription against depression, anxiety and panic.

4.Winner in the category Founder of the Year: Jochen Engert, (FLIXMOBILITY GMBH )

FLIXMOBILITY GMBH is a transportation/trucking/railroad company based out of 33 BIRKETWEG, Munchen, Germany.

5.New Investor of the Year: Bettine Schmitz, (Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund )

Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund is a VC fund co-investing in best female founders in Europe.

6.The best investor of the year: Filip Felician Dames, (Cherry Ventures )

Cherry Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm backs Europe's boldest founders, usually as their first institutional investor, and supports them in everything from their go-to-market strategy and the scaling of their businesses.

7.Remarkable Social Entrepreneur of the Year: Natalya Nepomnyashcha 💛​💙​ (Netzwerk Chancen )

Netzwerk Chancen campaigns for equal opportunities throughout Germany. In addition, the initiative offers young people from financially weak or non-academic families ideal support for professional and social advancement. This platform also works with politicians and civil society to develop practicable solutions so that the future of young people no longer depends on their origin. It is non-profit and non-partisan Organisation.

8.The Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year Florian Pachaly, (RECUP GmbH )

RECUP and REBOWL are revolutionizing the beverage-to-go and take-away world! They offer catering establishments and their customers a simple, uncomplicated and attractive alternative to disposable packaging.

9.As well as Stefan Drüssler from UnternehmerTUM, who accepted the special prize for outstanding sponsors and supporters of the #StartupÖkosystems in Germany

UnternehmerTUM empowers innovation enthusiasts to take entrepreneurial action. Together with start-ups and established companies, They drive tech ventures forward - from first idea to market leadership.

[Source : LinkedIn Startup verband ]

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