How can develop these extra traits for which you get paid extra!

Any company is built on the foundation of its people and technology. Even technology companies need solid, smart employees to operate - at end of the day, business decisions and discussions are done between two people!

So certain qualities are always valued by companies across the world - for which they are ready to pay a premium on your standard salary bracket! And these qualities are SUPER easy to cultivate!

  1. Enthusiasm - a company wants to see people who are genuinely enthusiastic about their work - hence, do not go into a sector which you do not find interesting. Enthusiasm cannot be faked for long! You should have a story that shows your enthusiasm for the sector in which your interviewing company is active. Also asking many questions about the sector and the companies projects the impression that you are enthusiastic about their work.

  2. Discipline and work ethic - This is the most valued quality in Germany! And this is what separates Germany from the rest of the world! Use keywords such as Time Management and Efficiency in your strengths-these words reflect discipline as a quality of yours. Naturally, if your actions don’t match your talk, it becomes very obvious you are just interview-ready and not really demonstrating such qualities.

  3. Prepared: Companies and interviewers love it when you say something about them that positively surprises them. Do your bit of reading about the company and sector and come across as prepared.

  4. Leadership intent: Companies do not only want good employees. They want good leaders. More so in countries in Europe, where not many people are keen on taking up responsibility. You should have some stories ready where you have shown leadership qualities. Also in the course of your discussion, you can freely share your intent to lead and nurture talent!

  5. Vision: Especially for early employees - communicating your vision for yourself, and your role in the company is something that will excite every HR. This reflects a clear mind which knows what it wants

  6. Clarity and effective Communication: Being clear and communicating effectively with minimum effort is a skill that is highly underrated and greatly valued!

  7. Independent working style: European companies employ those, who bring the ability to work independently without supervision. No one will follow up with you. They will expect you to manage your time and plan yourself and finish the task. In case you need support, you have to approach your team and superiors for the support you need!

If you prepare your mindset and personality to reflect these qualities, HR will definitely accommodate a certain premium to your salary to reflect your future potential at the company.

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