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Germany often deemed as fifth most favorable country to move to. The country's well performing economy, education system, employment opportunities are some of the reasons for the favorability.

People from all over the world want have a chance to move to Germany. There are several ways that foreign nationals can move to Germany.

This article will focus on the information about the general immigration to Germany.

  • Student Visa

  • Post study Job-Search

  • Blue Card

  • PR

Even though, there are many ways to immigrate, and each has some specific requirements. To be eligible to move to Germany, one must fulfil following criteria:

  • Financial Stability- Regardless of the intent, applicants must proof that they can finance themselves in Germany. Even if you will be working, you must have initial funds to cover expense until you get your salary.

  • Health Insurance- It is recommended to get proper German health insurance coverage since one cannot be sure if authorities will accept foreign health insurance.

  • Basic Proficiency German Language- The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has 3 levels of proficiency, A,B and C. Language proficiency is divided into A1/A2 or basic , B1/B2 or proficient and C1/C2 or advanced language skills. To immigrate to Germany, one must enter the exam and pass them to either A1 or B1.

Student visa

Germany is known for its either low cost tuition fee or no tuition fee at all. Immigration for education purpose is on the popular way to move to Germany.

A student visa is required for all international student who wish to study in Germany.

This visa grants you the right to remain in Germany for the duration of your course.

A German student visa processing time is usually 6-12 weeks and cost is around €75 euros.

This is the easiest and most secure way of finding a job and building a life in Germany, since the number of student seats available each year is more than 3-4 lacs (all courses in all languages). Hence we recommend this as the most viable route towards Germany.

Post-study Job Search

After completing your studies, each student from all universities are eligible to get up to 18 months to search for a job. This STAY BACK Period is available to all and every student from all Bachelors and Masters programs in Germany. During this period, the student is allowed to work part-time to earn money for their living expenses. The candidate can remain under this visa category, for as long as they do not have a full time job. Once a company offers them a job contract - you get upgraded to a Standard Work Visa or an EU Blue card, depending on your salary.

Standard Work Visa

Those who have completed a Masters in Germany are eligible to find work and work in Germany unlimitedly, for as long as they want. If a job is offered with a salary below the EU Blue Card salary levels (see below), the candidates need not worry - they are eligible for a Standard Work Visa, which instead of an ID card, will be a sticker on the passport. They are too eligible for a German PR.

The EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card is for foreign nationals of non-EU countries who are highly skilled in a profession and want to work in Germany. People from IT or STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) background are likely to get EU Blue card. the card is valid for four years. A gross annual salary of at least € 43,992.00 (as of 2022) is required for employees in the fields of mathematics, IT, natural sciences, engineering and human medicine for acquiring the Blue Card.

Immigration for Residence Purpose

To stay as long you want in Germany, one need to get Permanent Residence Permit

This permit is mostly given to those with EU Blue Card or Standard Work Visa. Those who maintain their jobs and possess a Blue Card can get permanent residence permit after 24 months, reduced to 21 months if they speak German B1 at the time of application. Standard Work Visa bearing candidates can get a PR after 33 months of working, reduced to 30 months if they speak B1 at the time of application of PR.

Therefore, the pathway for all candidates towards PR is well defined and fair. The visa system in Germany is highly supportive and understanding of the candidate's journeys and is structured to providing them sufficient room for developing their careers at their own pace.

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