Cost of Studies in Germany:

Even though Germany is the most affordable education destination for international students, there are costs involved, which need to be planned for.

Tuition fees: In public Unis – this might be between zero and 1500€ per Semester. In private colleges this can vary on the course and university. Usually it ranges between 500 to 1500 € per month, with MBA courses or specific internationally oriented courses such as at RWTH Aachen or Carl Benz School, KIT being on the more expensive side. This being said, even the most expensive academic program in Germany will be more affordable that the most affordable course in a similar ranking Uni in the US.

Cost of Living: In larger cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt or Stuttgart, the cost of living tends to be higher. Rent will be around 500-600 € per month in such cities. For smaller towns and cities, especially those in East Germany, the rent can be as low as 150 € per month. Fooding will be an average of 200-400 € depending on lifestyle. This includes food, travel, activities and entertainment

Health Insurance: This is a must for any student who has moved to Germany. The traditional state health insurance providers such as DAK, TK etc. shall cost anything around 100 € per month. Some private insurance providers currently offer more affordable options, which have different applicability conditions. These can be around 50-60 € per month

These are the basic expenses one needs to keep in mind, when budgeting for an international education in Germany.

- Raghav

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