Canada vs UK vs USA vs Germany

Updated: Apr 6

Why Germany is THE BEST career destination for you!

All these countries provide great education. Germany is popular for its free and quality education. The country's economy is fifth in the world and largest in Europe.

There are many reasons why students flock in large numbers to this intellectual and peace loving country.

Comparison between the most common international career destinations! You will see why Germany is the best option out there!





Tution fees

16000 $

0 € (public Uni)

6000-10000 € (private Uni)

15000 £

35000 $

Cost of living

18000 $

10000 €

12000 £

18000 $

Job search visa post studies

36 months

18 months

24 months

60 days

Job opportunities





Other advantages

English speaking country


+Shortest pathway to citizenship

English speaking country

English speaking country

All the above factors coupled together have turned Germany into an educational magnet. Germany is now ready to welcome bright minds from across the globe for its Winter Session starting in September/ October 2022. If you are looking to pursue higher studies in Germany but are not sure how to go about it, Germanportals is there to help you out.

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