Advantages and disadvantages of summer intake in Germany

Updated: Jul 28

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the summer intake.


  • Classes usually have smaller sizes during the summer intake than during the winter intake. This indicates lower levels of competition amongst those applying in this period.

  • Your chances automatically increase of getting admission into a course of your choice.

  • The class size is smaller, which means a more manageable, personalized, and Good start to your program.

  • The summer intake is also accompanied by mild and pleasant weather.

  • The summer intake is a godsend for those who have missed out on the winter intake.


  • Limited course options and universities which participate in the summer intake.

  • Higher opportunities for on-campus employment/part-time jobs and other internships during the winter intake since it signals the beginning of the academic sessions.

  • extracurricular pursuits will find the winter season more advantageous for taking the lead at the beginning of the academic year and getting leadership positions in various clubs and activities.

The summer intake in Germany is beneficial for people willing to pursue specific courses at leading institutions. You should prepare your application strategy innovatively while also planning for aspects like standardized examinations and admission formalities in advance. For Know more information contacts us at :

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