7 steps to write better LORs

A letter of recommendation (LOR) is written by a company, co-worker, educator, or by somebody eligible to endorse a character or educational presentation.LOR is a certificate that provides the panelists at the admission board with a complete understanding of the applicant’s appropriate application. A well-drafted LOR can increase your chances of landing that dream job or university.

A great letter of recommendation can have a powerful impact on a candidate’s overall profile so it's important to take the time and effort to write one that will be effective.

In this article, we will share some important tips to help you write a great one.

Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter

  • Choose the Right Recommender - Choose a person with whom you spent enough time as a student or an employee. Give a brief sentence or two explaining your position and your relationship this will ensure that the letter is accurate and focused only on specific qualities rather than generic ones.

  • Prepare a list of qualities - Make a compilation a list of qualities and accomplishments you believe to highlight in the letter, do not copy paste your CV.

  • Avoid generic adjectives : Dedicated, hardworking, passionate; are some of the words that the committees sees in almost every other LOR. Highlight your skill and focus on your unique qualities to make your LOR stand out.

  • Do Your Research: Check the different applications section and ensure that your letter responds well to those questions. The research can help you align the required qualities with those in your LOR.

  • Use CAR Framework: The CAR technique stands for Challenge, Action, and Result. The step-by-step framework will give the admissions committee gets a full-fledged picture of your abilities and also can help you avoid filling any gaps.

  • Craft a Story: A great way the make the LOR engaging is to use stories , they not only communicate your accomplishment but also make the narrative a pleasure to read.

  • Organize the Content: For a smooth & pleasurable read, LOR should be accurate and well structured. Start by mentioning the recommender’s designation, your relationship with him/her; include the subjects if the letter comes from a professor. Accomplishments, projects should be in the main body , Quantify your achievements - align them with our application components and use anecdotes.

Don'ts of LOR:

  • Don't repeat to your resume.

  • Don't make false claims.

  • Avoid spelling mistakes.

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