10 Reasons why you should study in Germany! - Opinion Piece (Raghav)

From my graduation, Karlsruhe, 2012

1. Made in Germany – this is the most valuable quality brand there is! So how about a Made in Germany education?

German quality is world famous, as mentioned above – then what does that say about the quality of German education, which creates a workforce which eventually is the mind and energy behind the best quality products in the world

2. Germany is a process-oriented nation – when you define a process for each activity and then follow the process, you enable discipline. And discipline is the key factor to success.

3. Germany is the upcoming Immigrant dream destination – the US is the past. Germany is the future. The leaders who are shaping immigration and economic policy have realized the power of innovation and that the sharpest minds need to be welcomed. Hence, they have shaped welcoming immigration policies which enable those sharp minds to migrate with ease.

4. Germany offers its citizens and residents (also non-citizens) a social welfare system. You contribute to the national pool and when you retire, the national pool funds you.

5. Germany needs immigrants – the social welfare system is under strain since the population in Germany is decreasing and ageing. Hence an influx of young skilled people is being promoted through various channels.

6. The system believes in affordable and equal opportunities – education is equally affordable for domestic, EU and international applicants.

7. In Germany one can easily find ways to be completely independent financially from the earliest age - in fact, I sponsored my life in Germany for the most part (almost 80%) during my Masters.

8. It is the most powerful country in the EU – strong economy, 4th largest GDP in the world after US, China and Japan! Some of the most famous brands are from Germany – Adidas, Hugo Boss, Daimler, BMW, Bayer, Siemens, Bosch, Allianz, SAP etc. For a population of only 8 crore! In comparison, the US has a population of 30 crore.

9. It is central located in Europe. Travel to your heart’s content!

10. It is the global leader for technologies in sustainability, renewable energy and has a budding startup ecosystem with major startup hubs being Berlin, Munich, Hamburg etc.

11. BONUS: Home to some of the most impactful inventions in human history – the automobile, Diesel Engine, Radar, Electron Microscopethe Cathode Ray Tube (Television) – What does that tell us about its research culture?

- Raghav

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