10 Qualities for getting success in Germany

Updated: Jun 7

Do you wonder how would a non-German go about making a successful career in Germany or simply present themselves in a good light in any business situation?

Here are 10 quality traits that one should have/develop to ensure success in Germany

  1. Punctuality - time is not a number - it is a commitment

  2. Self-confidence - problems, and challenges will come, you should demonstrate the self-confidence to deliver

  3. Reliability - if you promise your supervisor it will be done, he won't ask again - it should be done

  4. Ownership - the greater ownership you show forwards your commitments, the higher the chances of success. No one wants to babysit, follow up or check your progress

  5. Fun & humorous nature - office is a place where people not just work but also spend most of the day during the week, everyone wants to keep it light during the breaks

  6. Efficiency - maximum output is expected in the 8 hours at work so that work does not come home

  7. Humility - you might be speaking to the son of the richest businessman in Germany and you will not even get to know it from his clothes, demeanor, and conversation

  8. Balanced life - work is important, so are family, holidays, and fitness. One needs to maintain a balance and efforts to maintain such a balance are very appreciated even by employers

  9. Mind your own business - sometimes a little too much too

  10. Respectful attitude - the most important and appreciated quality - the ability to treat everyone respectfully!

Keep these key points in mind and prepare for a successful career ahead.

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