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All careers lead to Germany!


Study in Germany Package

We help candidates find their dream study course in Germany -  Bachelor, MS, PhD, and ensure an admission in the best study programs for international students.

Traineeship Counselling Package

Traineeship - Ausbildung in German, is a PAID trainee program for skill-based professions. Here a trainee works at a company and simultaneously attends school, to gather a job-ready competency.

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Work in Germany Program

We help candidates find their work in Germany -  if you want it, we get it for you! We use insights from our extensive mentor network to optimize your application to suit industry demands and current gaps in the job market, to prepare you and play to your strengths.

German Language Training

Germany is definitely much more international and open for Indians and foreigners, than it has ever been before. However, to be competent and capable of truly achieving one's potential, it is recommended to learn German, if time permits. Very often, the knowledge of German can be the difference between a dream company and a standard job in Germany. 

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Move to Germany Package

For whom is this relevant. When one already has an admission acceptance letter or job contract etc. and wants to prepare to move, we can help you with the process here! Or simply needs help with the Visa process etc. 

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